Videos 2

  • Jaime and Zachary | Highlight Film

    We let their vows guide the timeline of their wedding film. Their words and those of their friends and family help paint the picture of their beautiful marriage. We are…

  • Alexis and David

    It was an honor to be able to capture Alexis and David's wedding! Their love for each other is undeniable! The day was filled with happiness and the dance floor…

  • Natalie and Dillon

    Laughs and beautiful smiles! That's what you can expect from Natalie and Dillon. Add love, a beautiful venue, lots of dancing, and wonderful vendors, and you have yourself an amazing…

  • Laurena and Rudy

    There is no doubt that Laurena and Rudy are best friends. Throughout the whole day, we saw them flirt with each other and make each other laugh. It brought us…

  • Jaime and Zachary | Teaser Film

    Talk about a beautiful couple! Jaime and Zach were so easy to capture! They were smiles and laughter all day! This film will give you a glimpse of what's to…

  • Aashna + Adrian’s Teaser Trailer

    What do you get when you mix Indian and Irish culture? Absolute beauty! With so much color, love, dancing, and music, this film displays the loveliness of two families coming…

  • Beth Ann + Jeremy’s Teaser Trailer

    This wedding was so gorgeous and so very unique! There was so much laughter, beauty, and two amazing families that made everything feel like we were in a movie. Here's…

  • Maria & Steve

    This was such a beautiful wedding that we filmed at the Yards Brewing Company! These wonderful people and great environment made it so much fun to film!

  • Kirstin + Sean

    We absolutely loved filming Kirstin & Sean's breathtaking, patriotic inspired wedding which took place at The Manor House At Prophecy Creek Park. From the flowers down to the groomsmen's socks,…

  • Marta + Paulo

    This was a beautiful Portuguese wedding. We had so much fun capturing Marta and Paulo's wedding day.

  • Melissa + Joe

    A wedding with beautiful people, wonderful words, lots of dancing, laughter, and fireworks. Yes, fireworks! This was definitely a wedding to remember!

  • Stephanie + Tim’s Teaser Trailer

    Here's a sneak peek of Stephanie + Tim's Teaser Trailer.

  • Valerie + Brian’s Teaser Trailer

    Here's a sneak peek of Valerie + Brian's wedding film.

  • Jennie + Greg’s Teaser Trailer

    Here's a sneak peek of Jennie + Greg's wedding film.

  • Pauline + Jesse’s Teaser Trailer

    Here's a sneak peak of Pauline + Jesse's wedding film.

  • Jennie + Greg

    A beautiful couple, a cute puppy, and lots of dancing calls for an amazing wedding day. This film takes us on a journey throughout their entire wedding day.

  • Pauline + Jesse

    Simply beautiful. Those are the words to describe this wedding. It was colder than expected. It was March and snow was still on the ground. However, it added to the…