Photo by Cassiano Oliveira.


We are Tim and Melinda! We were married on April 25, 2015 and have been working together for 4 years shooting wedding films. Tim started making films when he was 12 years old and called his cinematography company Lucky Pro Video. He picked up the family camcorder and quickly discovered the beauty of capturing life in motion pictures. Melinda grew up loving fashion, weddings, and art. She has a great eye for detail and loves children! Today, we changed our name to As We Are Films. We want to tell your story through our unique style of cinematography.


Each film is unique in its own way. We don't use a template to edit; we use a blank "canvas" for each film. We truly want to tell your story. Through our questionnaire and getting to know you two through our interactions, we edit the film in such a way--from the music to every slice--that it fits your style, your personality, and your story.


From the day we sign the contract to the day we ship out the final product, we are dedicated to produce a film that you will watch year's from now and still choke up when listening to your vows and laugh at the jokes made during the speeches. We are newly weds and we know the importance of capturing every moment and cherishing it forever. Just enjoy your wedding day and we will make sure to provide a way for you to relive it year after year. Imagine watching your wedding day with your children and, someday, your grandchildren. Imagine being able to still hear and see loved ones who will no longer be with us. Allow us to produce a beautiful film that will capture all of these priceless and breathtaking moments. This is our vision.